Camp Nanowrimo: Week Two

I’m trying something new with this update. Instead of documenting my progress in an angst filled rant, I’ll use this tag that I found on twitter: #AuthorWouldYou started by @rebeccarcahill and @hayley_rings. Since there are 31 questions, I’ll post it in two parts. Here’s part one. Enjoy!

Author Would You? (Part ONE)

  1. Author, would you introduce yourself and your WIP?

Hi, I’m C.A. Browne, a full time student and I write whenever I manage to get a break. I’ve introduced my WIP in my first Camp Nano update which you can find here!

2. Would you rather tell us the genre of your WIP…or the name of one of your characters?

The genre is much safer in my opinion. My WIP is currently listed as a high fantasy young adult novel.

3. Would you rather outline first…or just go for it?

A little bit of both actually. I get too stressed if I don’t have an outline, even if it’s as vague as a ten sentence paragraph. But once I have a general idea of my characters and the overall plot, I just go for it.

4. Would you rather create character profiles first…or a setting profile?

Ooooh. See, now this depends. For my current WIP, I’m writing a high fantasy and creating a whole new world is one of the most entertaining activities I could ever undertake. BUT I am a complete sucker for complex characters and I largely write my stories based on their character arcs. Hmmm… okay, I’ll go with setting.

5. Would you rather create your characters first…or the plot?

Okay, now I’ll say characters.

6. Would you rather write in first person…or third person?

Third person all the way.

7. Would you rather tell us the word count of your WIP…or tell us the title?

HA. This presumes I actually have a title. For my word count, I’m currently at 5,858 words. Not exactly where I’d like to be, but c’est la vie.

8. Would you tell us about your MC?

Double HA. Absolutely not….Just kidding, I can tell you some. My MC is a young prince of color who has much (read: much) to learn about the world he lives in.

9. Would you rather monitor your progress…or wait until the end of the month to see your word count?

Well if I wanted to wait until the month then I’ve already failed so I suppose I choose to monitor my progress.

10. Would you rather write action today…or dialogue?


11. Would you rather share a quote from your WIP…or a picture of your setting?

I don’t have a picture of my setting because it’s not real. I do have a terribly drawn map though! For this question, I’ll just share a quote:

“With all due respect Your Highness, you have your way of defending yourself and I have mine.”

There! A nondescript piece of dialogue that tells you absolutely nothing! 😀

12. Would you rather create a new character in your WIP…or a new challenge your MC must face?

Definitely a new challenge. This WIP needs more challenges and I’ll take all the tasty conflicts I can find.

13. Would you rather have someone to brainstorm and edit with…or keep your WIP private?

If my previous remarks weren’t enough, I definitely am prone to keeping my WIP(s) a secret. I’m a super private writer and it took everything within me to even convince myself to start this blog. Plus, I write because I like to tell stories and if I work with someone else, it feels like the story is no longer mine to tell…at least in the beginning stages. During revisions, I need all the help.

14. Would you rather read tips on world and character development…or let your own imagination run free?

Let my imagination run free and frolic through the overgrown forests of my mind.

15. Would you do a ten minute sprint write and post your word count?

Why yes I can.


Word Count: 410 words. I honestly have no idea where all that speed came from. Usually when I try sprints, I sit in front of my computer trying to remember how fingers work. Needless to say, I am impressed.

Okay! That’s all for part one. I had fun, did you have fun? I had fun. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about my writing process or Camp Nanowrimo, let me know. Otherwise, take care and I’ll see you in my next post.


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