Camp Nanowrimo: Week Four

Word Count: 10,928

Well, there goes it. Camp Nanowrimo has come to an end and I finished 3k words shy of my 15k goal.

I admit this update is a tad bit late but life gets in the way you know. Depression hit and I barely had enough energy to get out of bed much less pick up my laptop and generate ideas out of nothing. So I wasn’t able to write much but I gotta say, 10k words is more than I had two months ago so I’d still say I’m winning.

Since I have no real updates about Project Amber, I figured I’d share a small snippet from this WIP:

The wooden doors of the map room gave way under the weight of the prince’s hands and he sidled on inside where his father, the King, stood waiting behind the long table. His knuckles were temporarily void of blood as he pressed down against the mahogany. A glance at the wrinkled pieces of parchment thrown haphazardly around the room and the tautness of his father’s eyebrows confirmed the prince’s assumptions that this was not to be a pleasant meeting.

“You called for me?” He asked from the doorway.

The King looked up, his features softening but only slightly at the sight of his son, and beckoned him over. He paused to wash his eyes over the prince’s appearance and raised a brow. “Have you been sparring in the courtyard again?”

The prince looked down at his sleeve where the scuff from the granite rubbed off on his frock and rubbed it off sheepishly. “Errik wanted–”

“Yes, I know, I know. The game is in a few months,” He shook his head and sighed. “I should’ve never agreed to let him enter. He has much more pressing matters to worry about.”

Much more princely matters, the prince added. Aloud he asked, “Has something happened?”

An air of concern shifted around his father as his already pale countenance grew paler.

He shifted a little higher on his toes and walked over to his son. “Come with me.” He said after sending the guards who always stood outside his door away. The prince grew more uneasy as they ambled down the hallway for the King rarely moved two inches without his personal guards.

Their footsteps echoed on the gray stoned floor. Through the King’s Wing, out to the courtyard and through to the Servant’s Quarters where the moss covering the granite structure glinted in the sunlight.

The prince was perplexed. “What are we doing here?” He asked as they stopped at the door. His father answered his inquiry with a swift knock on the door handle which was answered quickly by the Head Maid. Blond curls circled her head like the coils of a rattlesnake framing a face that had the countenance to match. The prince thought it crude that she wouldn’t think to better her appearance in the face of her King especially since by the swiftness of which she answered the door, this was not a chance meeting.

“My Lord, do come in. We’ve been waiting for your word about what to do with the body?”


The King raised his hand to his mouth. “Let’s discuss business from inside shall we?”

Thanks for reading! If you participated in Camp Nano this July, be sure to let me know how it went in the comments.


Camp Nanowrimo: Week Three

So it’s been three weeks and I can’t believe that Camp Nano is almost over! I had a slow beginning so I decided to back track and change my word count goal to 15k instead of 20k. Since this is Camp Nano and not actual Nano, I can do that. This feels much more doable and I’m really going to try and meet this goal. If all goes well, by the end of July, I’ll be about a quarter of the way into Project Amber.

As mentioned in my last update, I will be completing the second half of the #AuthorWouldYou tag. Read on and learn more about my writing process!

Author Would You? (Part TWO)

16. Would you rather work on multiple WIPs…or stick to one at a time?

Stick to one at a time. I need to wholeheartedly throw myself into a project so that I can spend enough time brainstorming and daydreaming good ideas.

17. Would you rather research needed topics for your WIP before…or after writing your book?

Uhhh…during? I can’t possibly know everything I need to research before I write the book and if I need to know some important fact for the world I’m building or the characters I’m creating then I mustn’t wait until I finish writing the book lest I throw the whole thing off balance! So definitely during.

18. Would you rather write a few sentences from a SC’s POV…or the antagonist’s POV?

The antagonist’s POV is always interesting because I like exploring the motivations–albeit sometimes backwards ones–of antagonists.

19. Would you rather allow yourself breaks from writing…or dedicate to writing everyday?

I allow myself breaks. I find that if I’m writing when I’m not feeling it, the result is an excellent pile of horse dung and then my future self hates me for leaving so many scenes to revise.

20. Would you rather write all day…or edit all day today?

Write. This word count needs to go UP.

21. Would you rather share your word count progress…or drink some more coffee?

Is tea an option?

22. Would you do a 15 minute sprint write and post your word count?

But of course. . .

Word Count: 322

23. Would you rather read your WIP out loud to friends/family…or have one stranger read your WIP?

Stranger. I’d probably receive more authentic reactions. Plus, I do not wish to read my writing out loud…like ever.

24. Would you rather write a happy scene…or a sad scene today?

Literally 95% of my writing is sad so I think you have your answer.

25. Would you rather sprint write for 10 minutes…or edit for an hour?

Sprint write!

26. Would you rather add a plot twist…or have a full resolution in your WIP?

I’d love a full resolution. Can’t leave plot holes and loose ends hanging about.

27. Would you rather write with a cup of coffee…or a glass of wine?

Wonderful! Two beverage options that I absolutely detest! Seriously…why doesn’t anyone like tea?

Or rum…Rum is also preferable.

28. Would you rather finish your WIP for Camp Nanowrimo…or set your own goal to keep?

I set my own goal because I dislike pressure.

29. Would you do a 20 minute sprint write and post your word count?

Wowsies…I’m really upping my game today.


Word Count: 420

30. Would you rather rewrite your entire camp project…or start with a fresh and new idea?

Oh my word I think I’d combust if I had to rewrite the entirety of Project Amber. I might as well just start with a fresh and new idea.

31. Would you rather share your word count for the month…or share a GIF of your current mood?



Thanks for reading! See you in my next post and whatever you do, keep on writing!


Camp Nanowrimo: Week One

Maybe you’ll be angry with me. Maybe you couldn’t care less. But I have barely written anything this week.

Now before you go and write me off as a poser, I will say that I have gotten a whopping two thousand, four hundred and seventy two words into Project Amber. Yes I may have written that whole number out to make my progress seem more impressive but all jokes aside, this is still a great achievement. Someone told me that as long as I am writing, I cannot fail and that is one of the best pieces of advice, I’ve ever received.

You see, I have a tendency to belittle my creative efforts whenever I feel like I’m not doing enough. Enough words, or enough plotting, or giving enough time. But I’ve come to realize that ‘enough’ is a tricky little word because it’s use often implies that there is a standard to which we must compare. Who makes this standard you ask? People who assume that art is something objectively quantifiable. I, on the other hand, am inclined to say that art is the one thing for which there is no direct measure. No one can tell you how to do it and no one can invalidate it’s worth.

So in light of my humble little mood booster, I’ll say that Week One of Camp Nanowrimo went swimmingly well. As I write, I’m learning more and more about this world I’ve created and it’s super exciting when new aspects about my characters reveal themselves. For example, my main character [whose name shall remain a secret]. This guy was my literal baby, my pure moon child but then my other main character swooped in, told me more about his life and all of a sudden I’m ready to give my left kidney for him. Which honestly just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone, not even imaginary people.

If you are participating in Camp Nano this year, please let me know so we can commiserate together! I’d love to hear about your WIP(s) and/or your general writing progress. Also, as I go forward with these updates, would people be interested in learning about the different tools/resources that I use for world-building, character development, etc.? If so, let me know in the comments. For now, I bid thee well.



There I stood, stitching up the ends of the gash. It had taken a load of ice bags and a tight knot with a strip of my shirt to halt the flow of blood enough for me to see and not turn him into a human pin cushion. Common sense told me he wouldn’t really like that but after everything that happened, I had half a mind to pretend I had no medical training whatsoever. Give him a butchered suture line for all I care. And add a lifelong scar in there for good measure.

About halfway down, I stuck the needle into his bicep and he instantly sucked breath in through his teeth. The sound annoyed me.

Blowing air out of my own mouth, I sighed, “This is the third time that this happened in two weeks, Jaime.” Not caring to stop, I pulled the thread through and weaved it through the other end.

“Two weeks, huh. Has it really been that long?”

I tightened the thread, yanking in one pull and he winced. “Not the point.”

Jaime huffed. A sign that he knew that I was upset and instead of acknowledging my concern he was going to try and persuade me onto his side. “It’s just a scratch, Rae.”

My scoff was so loud I was sure the neighboring village could hear. “Tell that to the hole in your arm.”

From my peripheral, I saw him roll his eyes. “You’re over exaggerating as usual. Besides, I’ve dealt with worse.”

My gaze drifted from the blue and yellow terrain of his arm up to his eyes at the reference to the life he led before we met each other. There I looked for some emotion connected to the memory: regret from everything he was made to do, loss of the person he used to be or maybe even wistfulness for the normalcy he grew up to know. But I found nothing but the same indifference he showed whenever he refused to talk about it.

Void of the energy to have that conversation again, I poked the needle through his arm once more and turned to a less hostile but probably an equally as stressful one. “You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re not helping anyone by almost getting yourself killed.”

“But see, that’s the thing, Rae, I am helping. You don’t see it but every night I go out there and stop someone from making the biggest mistake of their lives, I’m making a statement that—they don’t have to be the no good ruffians that everyone expects them to be.” Jaime expressed, his biceps flexing underneath her fingertips signaling that he was becoming riled up. “They don’t have to fit the mold, they can be better.”

I heard more than saw the determination on his face and in his heart. He really believed in this cause and I understood why but I couldn’t understand why this had to be the means that he fought for it. “What kind of statement do you think you’ll make if you die, huh? That it’s okay to be a martyr as long as you believe in what you’re doing?”

Jaime lolled his head to the other side unwilling to face my stubbornness head on. “You don’t understand.” He sighed.

“No, Jaime, I really don’t. Why don’t you help me?” I stuck the needle into his skin with a little more force and he winced again. It wasn’t intentional but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t satisfy me. “Help me understand the moment when you stopped caring whether you lived or died.”

“That’s just it, Rae. This isn’t about me, it never has been. It’s so much bigger than that, than all of us.” His eyes pinned me down glistened with desperation for me to understand. When it was clear that I wouldn’t, he said, “Come with me.”

“What?” I asked finishing up the last stitch and retrieving the salve to sooth over the area.

“Come with me.” He repeated, growing ever more incised. “Tomorrow night, or the next. Then you can see for yourself what makes this so important.”

“Jaime, I can’t fight—“

“You don’t have to! I’ll take all of it, you don’t even have to be near when the first strike is taken, just—,” He grabbed my hand and held it in between his. Slender, naive fingers laced within hard-lined, immovable knuckles. His eyes pierced through mine determined to look for…what exactly? Curiosity? Resignation? The mirror picture of whatever fire blazed in his own? I’d come familiar with that fire. Come to know it as an independent entity with its own purpose separate from Jaimie yet unable to operate without him. I had no choice but acknowledge it for it was the only part of him for which I had no counterpart.

Seemingly unable yet again to explain, Jaimie sighed. His breath warmly fanning over our interlocked hands. “This is important, Rae.” He finally said.

“Of course it is.” I said. Because whether or not I believed this was okay, regardless of how scared I was every time I heard his heavy laden footsteps outside my door, Jaimie wasn’t going to stop. And if there was any constant in our relationship with each other, it was the fact that I always had his back.

Camp Nanowrimo!

Hello writerly and non-writerly friends! Camp Nanowrimo is finally here!

For those of you who don’t know, Camp Nanowrimo, a spin-off of NanoWriMo in November, is a month long commitment to writing as many words as you possibly can. These words can take place in the form of a full-length novel, a series of blog posts, a journal, script or even consistently writing down a grocery list every week. As long as words leave your brain and make their way onto another medium, you are succeeding.

During this beautiful month of July, I’ve decided to commit to writing 20k words of my current WIP (work in progress): Project Amber. Now, obviously, that is not the official title but seeing as I have little to no idea how this novel will actually end, this vague working title will have to do. I am hesitant to go into much detail regarding the plot because it is subject to change but what I can tell you is that Project Amber resides in the high fantasy genre of YA fiction. There is action, turmoil, and a host of mythical worlds and characters that I am excited to plunge into and I will attempt to post updates throughout the month about my progress!

Is anyone else attempting Camp Nano this month? Let me know in the comments! And until next time–Stay cool & Stay writing xx.