Tell me

tell me about the rain

on a cold night blinds up

as it pit pit patters on the sill


tell me about the rain

soaking the sweater on your back

that’s been patched up so that it

craves the needle

even though it hurts


tell me about the rain

in your eyes running down your cheeks

racing to the finish line at your chin

holding out for a prize that won’t come


I see how you feel it

let it pierce through your soul until it’s running through your veins

While I sit fingering the cracks on my windowpane


my clothes are one

my eyes are dry

and my soul is parched


so tell me about the rain


i miss you

Originally published on The Stonefence Review (

i wish i could talk to you.


i miss your hugs.


when it’s cold at night i miss your warmth.


when i’m sick i miss knowing that someone cares.

    when i don’t feel like talking and have

        all smiles on my face

            i miss you seeing through my cracks and

    knowing exactly what’s wrong

  then knowing where to find the plaster.


  I am lonely without you,

        I am…confused without you,

          I am terrified of moving on

          Without you.

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